How does it work?

The CCH Q&A Service is based on a simple points model, and the number of points used depends on your chosen question and process used.

Submitting a Question

Questions in common areas such as general tax and workplace law are 1 point, whereas queries in more complex areas such as SMSF and corporate law are 2 points.

CCH Q&A Service Points Calculator

General tax
Workplace law
Corporate governance
Commercial and property
Corporations law
Accounting standards and audit
Risk and continuity
UK tax & accounting
Choose your own adviser
Upload a file for your adviser to review
Have a 6 minute phone call with an adviser
Have a 6 minute video meeting with an adviser

Turnaround Times

An answer to your query will be sent within 24 hours. If further information is required, from either parties, the follow up on this will also be within 24 hours.

Q&A Members Portal

In your Members portal you can access the following:

  • A history of all the Q&As submitted by you and your firm
  • The number of Q&A points remaining for your firm
  • Ability to purchase more points
  • Request to add additional members to your portal

What Areas are Covered?

With over 50 expert advisors, we cover a wide spectrum of areas including but not limited to Federal and State Tax, Superannuation, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Audit and Workplace Law Jurisdictions.

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