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News-Services_300x313px_v1POLITICAL NEWS 

Political news and insights as you need 
How and when people need political news is varied, with CCH Parliament we’ve got this covered. Pick from our services that range from summaries to in depth reports. Whichever service you choose you can be assured you are getting accurate and timely news.

National Daily headlines
A daily summary report of political, government and legislative news across all jurisdictions. All topics are summarised in one easy to read newsletter. This service does not include transcripts, files or full articles.

Political Updates
A weekly summary report of  federal political, government and legislative news. Select which state, territory or federal report you want to subscribe to and this will be provided in one single weekly newsletter. This service does not include transcripts, files or full articles.

Federal Political Briefing
A fortnightly report that covers the latest major federal political, government and regulatory developments. This in depth report provides journalistic content written by our expert political commentator and includes a political overview, parliament and public service developments, opinion poll and policy analysis.

Bill-Tracker_300x313px_v1BILL TRACKERS + DAILY BILLS LIST 

Know every step of the bill journey

Knowing every step of the bill journey, from the beginning until the very end, will keep you informed and prepared for any legislative impact on your organisation and industry.

A Daily Bills List will be sent each day Parliament is sitting, followed by the Bill Tracker on the Friday of each sitting week that summarises the progress of all Bills before the Parliament. This service covers Federal, Victorian and NSW bills.


Find anyone and everyone in politics

Knowing who and how to contact the person you need will save you time and energy in this fast paced political landscape.

Make the process easy with Government Directories, providing you with up to date contact information for the latest Ministerial contacts in the Federal, NSW and Victorian Parliament and Government. Updated four times a year so you always know who to contact for your political needs.

Specialists-Services_300x313px_v2SPECIALIST SERVICES 

We’ve got your specialist areas covered

Not every political topic is covered in mainstream news, which can make keeping up to date on these topics difficult. Make this process simple by using CCH Parliament specialist services to collate all the latest updates on your chosen specialised areas of interest. Current specialist areas include climate change and base erosion profit shifting (BEPS).

Contact us today to discuss your specialist needs in more detail. 

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